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Total control. Whenever wherever. 

Control your tax advisory, compliance and corporate documents

In a rapidly changing world global legal and tax legislation both become increasingly complicated. Gaining and keeping the overview consequently becomes more and more difficult. ‘Being in control’ almost seems to be impossible especially when operating cross-border. 


With Keeyns you have total control over your tax advisory, tax compliance and corporate documents. The user-friendly ‘document storage tool’ enables you to manage all corresponding corporate documents. Take control over your tax and financial situation. Whenever wherever.



Keeyns, as the name implies, is a ‘keen’ solution. It enables you to easily manage your (global) tax returns and to monitor payment terms as well as other relevant deadlines. You are notified by means of dashboarding and e-mail notifications. A transparent workflow indicates whom to address within your global structured company. Keeyns clearly reveals ‘ownership’.

IT's safe


With Keeyns you are fully in control of your (global) financial and tax situation. Keeyns is a well-protected and certified Cloud solution giving appointed employees and trusted third parties direct access to all or some of your documents. Keeyns is a safe and interactive global tax advisory and compliance system putting you in the driver’s seat.

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