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Multinationals in control of financial and tax processes thanks to Keeyns

The very first truly European SaaS Tax Technology solution through collaboration between Taxperience and Lefebvre Sarrut/Sdu

Those who do business internationally, know that complex legislation in terms of taxes and increasing requirements in terms of compliancy, cause headaches for many CFOs. And also that it is particularly difficult to be fully in control of transactions, returns and intercompany transfer pricing. Keeyns is changing all of this. The SaaS Tax Technology solution offers every multinational full control of its processes, tax operation and documentation management, wherever and whenever the company operates. Thanks to the strategic collaboration between Taxperience and Lefebvre Sarrut/Sdu, the cloud software solution is assured of a flying start in the European market.

As the creator of the cloud software solution and proud of his brainchild, Ruben van Aarle says that “Keeyns is the Trello for taxation”. The owner of Taxperience tells us that the smart application is ‘state-of-the-art’ and this smart communication platform’s reach – just like social media – is ‘endless’. “This is the tax software of the future.”

Tax technology

Keeyns saw the light of day 4½ years ago and came about due to Taxperience’s firm belief that tax technology can help internationally operating companies gain full control of financial and tax figures. “As a tax consultant, I saw how CFOs at many multinationals struggle to stay in control of transactions and returns, and also of transfer pricing. Through my extensive working experience at the Big Four, I thought that multinationals had always arranged everything exactly how we had advised them as tax consultants. Nothing was less true when I started my own tax advisory practice at the end of 2005. The management of international branches was done by email and in Excel spreadsheets. The Excel spreadsheets and mailboxes had to undergo a thorough shake-up to extract important data or to transfer control information. As many work processes are subject to rules, I believe that software was necessary to solve this problem.”

Since its inception, Keeyns has been running successfully as a minimum viable product (MVP), despite the fact that it still lacks the global reach to really count as an international financial and tax platform. “Listed companies kept telling us that we have the best tax tech solution in the market. That being so, we went in search of a strategic partner to strengthen our position and to roll out our cloud software solution across the globe, starting with Europe.”

‘A golden opportunity’

Esther van Doesburg, chief innovation manager at Lefebvre Sarrut/Sdu, calls the collaboration with Taxperience ‘a golden opportunity’ to help tax consultants and legal experts move forward. “At Sdu’s international branch, we assist companies and professionals in the legal and tax sector every day. We ensure they are compliant and take their services and software a step further with innovative products and services. We have done so in co-creation with others and now with Taxperience too. By joining forces, we complement each other. We are very pleased with the already functioning tax technology that will now be available for our international market.”

Keeyns offers multinationals full control over tax processes, returns and all their related documentation. The software also makes it possible to easily manage related documents. According to Van Aarle, Keeyns offers added value to every multinational. “Initially, we focused Keeyns on the biggest multinationals, but the software works just as easily for smaller companies that want to use the platform in only one or two countries. At the moment, many companies are perhaps still a bit reluctant, but in 5 to 10 years’ time, everyone will realise that you can’t manage it without tax tech anymore. And if you want to set such a conservative market in motion, you have to consolidate both knowledge and strength. Having more than 200 years’ worth of experience and an extensive international network, Lefebvre Sarrut/Sdu is the ideal innovative and strong knowledge partner for us. They have the European network and expertise, and we have an innovative product that offers a future-oriented solution to the market. Together, we can lift Keeyns to a higher level.”

Real-time data in a dashboard

According to Van Aarle, there is an urgent need for tax technology in both the financial and tax market. “Where legal tech has already existed for a long time and is widely accepted, tax tech is still often seen as complex subject matter. However, we have a fully functioning MVP and thanks to our strategic cooperation with Lefebvre Sarrut/Sdu, we can now introduce it across Europe. We also dream big dreams with Keeyns.”

He outlines a working situation in which a CFO sits at the table with his accountant to discuss the financial statements. “As soon as the question arises on what is happening with VAT and corporation tax, you generally see that the CFO passes these questions on to the multinational’s tax departments in various countries. Thanks to Keeyns, he has all the real-time data at his fingertips in a single dashboard. He can sees exactly what has gone well and what has not. As the data in Keeyns is always compliant this means you always have the right information at hand.”

The first European tax technology

Esther emphasizes that many Americans and Chinese are trying to conquer the European market with their software, but they don’t have the network and knowledge of the European market, nor the functioning technology that Keeyns now has. “We are indeed very proud that this is the first truly European tax technology solution. The international tax market is complex, but thanks to our collaboration we have everything in our power to get a firm foot on the ground. Not only the network and knowledge of the European market, but software knowledge as well. As far as we are concerned, the sky is the limit for Keeyns."