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Release notes

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ RELEASE NOTES 23-11-2022 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 



1. New VAT processes available

We added 4 new tax processes to the VAT section: VAT refunds, Annual client listings, Statistics and Business registers. We are working on some default processes for those topics, but you can already use these dossiers and create a workflow process yourself via 'manage workflow'.


2. Extra warning when fiscal year is missing

We already showed an exclamation mark in the fiscal year field on manage entities. We now also show a pop-up with a warning when you click on 'SAVE' after changing a tax topic that needs a fiscal year. 



3. Added some new statistics

This functionality is only available for organizational administrators. Go to: manage organization > statistics to see your statistics. 

4. Adjustable directory

To meet customer needs even more specifically, a self-created directory folder has been introduced. This allows you to create a new main folder with underlying sub folders in which dossiers and processes can be created that do not meet the current folder structure. For more information about this new feature, please contact 



1. We fixed the incorrect layout of the tag @user email

The notification email to inform you after you have been tagged in a discussion on dossier level had some layout problems (see below) that we fixed in this release. 


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ RELEASE NOTES 08-11-2022 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 



1. New dossier summary making it possible to scroll to subsequently periods
The dossier summary has been updated to our new design and new functionality has been added to scroll to subsequently periods. In the example below only a previous dossier is available (recognizable by the fact that the > symbol is grey instead of the < symbol that is black) making it possible to quickly go to the Master File of 2021 / 22.




2. New warning screens
In the unlikely event of an error we have updated our warnings to better inform you about the cause. 


3. Previews of emails should be downloaded and shown in your email application 
Emails uploaded to Keeyns do no longer have a online preview. Because the preview functionality is to limited (e.g. pictures are not shown correctly and it is not clear if there are any attachments) we only support downloading them so you can open them correctly in your email application.  



1. Final adjustments for the new upload functionality
Behind the scenes we finished working on the new upload functionality. Making uploading documents faster and more intuitive. The Keeyns team will now test this functionality. We hope to release it to our client portals with the next release. 



1. Fix the breadcrumbs
In the previous release, we unfortunately introduced 3 dots in the breadcrumbs during navigation. This has been fixed.





_ _ _ _ _ _ _ RELEASE NOTES 18-10-2022 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 


1. Sub folders within General Information
Sub folders within General Information will be hided in the menu and only visible in on the page. Because the menu is soon to be expanded we decided to hide these custom folders in the menu to save space (less need to scroll). Below an example of the new situation with sub folders ‘Allerlei documenten’ and ‘Demo map’ no longer be shown in the menu. 




2. My Account
The layout of My Account has been updated. You can find 'My account' under the user icon in the right upper corner.


3. Tax Engine
We have updated our predefined Keeyns format with the column ‘NO_VAT_TRANSACTION’. With this new column it is now possible to have invoices in your data export file that are no part of the declaration. By accepting these invoices in the export file, it becomes even clearer how the data export file ultimately leads to the declaration.


4. Wage tax dossiers
When you have enabled Wage tax, dossiers will no longer be automatically generated for two future periods. When introducing the 'Create new dossier' functionality it is possible to create a dossier in the future if needed. Because of this update only dossiers for the current period will be automatically started by Keeyns. 



1. Update framework packages
Packages has been updated to take advantage of updates and keep up in terms of security.



1. Typo in 'PIT/Wage tax' sub folder
We changed the typo from sub folder 'proces' to 'process'.