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Release - 2020.05.14

  • Display the assigned users by hovering over a workflow step
    To give all users (only portal owners have access to the ‘manage portal’ page) insight in the users that are linked to a specific workflow we now display the assigned users by hovering over a workflow step.


  • Statistics & Diagnostics
    The 'manage portal' page has been updated with Statistics and Diagnostics. The current statistics are a starting point. We will certainly expand this functionality in the future.


    Next to the statistics you can find tenant settings in ‘manage portal’. Here you find some technical details like the version of your portal and connections being ‘ok’.   

  • New Documents are highlighted
    We already introduced the document notifications so you can tag users to specific documents. Our new ‘highlight feature’ makes it even more easy to find the document you are looking for.  new documents are now more easy to find. By clicking on the notification you will directly go to the and a purple tag will highlight the new document so you do not have to search the document list anymore.


Release 2020.04.16

  • Workflow updates
    We added due dates to every state of the Spanish VAT workflow and released the Transfer Pricing workflows for 'Local File review' and 'Master File review'.


  • Images
    You can now upload images without time frame, entity or country. This also makes it possible to use this picture for personalizing your portal. 


Release  2020.03.31

  • User roles: permissions pop-up
    Are you looking for a role with ‘full access’ (manage documents & edit workflows permissions)? Or for a role to ‘manage documents’ only? You will now see all permissions in the new permissions pop-up!

  • All management components streamlined
    We also streamlined the new components in order to align the lay-out of the manage portal functionality. This resulted in some new more intuitive buttons.